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The FREAKY FOX FAMILY is a collection of 1111 not only randomly generated but also artificially enhanced NFTs of freaky looking foxes, that got their foxhole on the Solana blockchain.
Our believe: NFTs ARE FOR EVERYONE - That is why our mint price is only 0.15 $SOL.
Mint your FREAKY FOX and become part of the FAMILY!


Use your arrow keys to play with our little fox!

We’ve implemented a leaderboard that resets daily. You can share your highscore on Twitter, if you want.




Mint Date

0.15 SOL (+ gas)

Mint Price


Paid Marketing

Google Ads / Twitter Ads / Promotions


Play our Foxie Tower Mini-Game



    • Google Ads
    • Test runs
    • Multiple Twitter and Discord giveaways
    • Mini-Game on the website
    • Fair minting price: 0.15 $SOL - Why? Because NFTs are for EVERYONE

25% - minted

    • integration of traits and rarities

50% - minted

    • Starting partnerships with secondary marketplaces on Solana

75% - minted

    • Reveal & Airdrop of the limited surprise NFT to 50 random FREAKY FOX hodlers

100% - minted

    • Planting 1 tree for each NFT minted = 1111 trees for our planet
    • Implementation of verification system for FREAKY FOX hodlers in Discord
    • Beginning of community votings for the future of the FREAKY FOX FAMILY



Hungry Fox

HungryFox - our always hungry dev



FatFox - our community manager and the reason HungryFox is always hungry



BadAssFox - our bad ass artist


The FREAKY FOX FAMILY is a collection of 1100 not only randomly generated but also artificially enhanced NFTs of freaky looking foxes, that got their foxhole on the Solana blockchain. And because NFTs are for EVERYONE, it will only cost 0.15 $SOL to mint a FREAKY FOX!

We like foxes! In some way, we grew up with them. Playing games like Star Fox on SNES and using the Mozilla Firefox browser was a big part of our childhood. That's why we personally combine foxes with good times and we hope you all do too!

Less gas. Solana has very low transaction fees and can handle more transactions per second. This not only makes for cheaper minting without gas-wars, but also opens up possibilities for future endeavors.

Please join our Discord server, where you will find a channel dedicated to useful Guides, Tools and Websites around the Solana ecosystem.

The launch-date is the 25.09.2021. Minting will only be available through this website:

Mint-prize is 0.15 $SOL. There won't be a limit on how many FREAKY FOX NFTs you can mint!

Yes, we are already communicating with multiple marketplaces to have the collection listed once the mint happened.

No, so that you can trade freely on the secondary market.

Yes. Foxes need forrests to live in. That is why we will plant 1 tree for each NFT minted. That's up to 1111 trees for our planet!

NFTs are for everyone! We want to make NFTs accesible to everyone. Especially people new to crypto and don't sacre them away with high prices.

We recommend to use the Phantom wallet or SolFlare wallet. The team personally uses Phantom. A video on how to mint on our website will be posted very soon.

Join our Discord or hit us up on Twitter and we are glad to answer all questions that you have! Just click the Discord/Twitter icon to be directed to our official channels. See you in the Metaverse!